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Stephanie brings years of experience and training into the booth for every project she's involved in. Not only is Stephanie a pro in front of the mic with her attention to detail and range, she is also friendly and fun-loving, enthusiastic, and works hard to give the client exactly what they want to hear. You'll fall in love with her wit and bubbly charm. In addition to her voiceover skills, Stephanie is also seasoned in many other aspects of performing including acting, dance, and vocal performance: mix/belt, musical theater classical (legit), classical. and pop.  Stephanie's mom signed her up for dance lessons at the ripe old age of 18 months where she first developed a love for performing. She's been hamming it up ever since. In her college years, Stephanie travelled across the United States and Australia as part of a touring music dance theater group where she was a featured soloist. Stephanie earned her BFA in Music Dance Theatre at Brigham Young University. 

Born and raised in small-town Spanish Fork, Utah, Stephanie currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her sound-engineer husband Aaron, her funny French Bulldog mix named "Bean", super-handsome Olde English Bulldog mix rescue named "Brother", and her kitten foster-fails "Gidget" and "Phoebe". You may also find her with a rotating roster of kitten fosters at any moment.

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